1. Working Girl

From the recording Torn

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I can’t work anymore under these conditions
My soul is goin’ bye bye and I got myself a mission
I’m gonna rev up this rickety ole engine of mine
Roll down the window and cross the state line

Crossin’ the Q-bridge to New Haven
Tryin’ to get myself a little education
Workin’ on my promotability
Management material I’ll never be

I’ve been diversified

I’m a workin’ girl

My expenses are exceedin’ my revenues
My soul has been diluted and discontinued
Tryin’ to get myself motivated
So I can be performance rated

I’ve been demotified

I’m a workin’ girl

They said I’m on a path of self-destruction
I’m gonna map my own course of instruction
Why do I have to play by your rules
Why do I have to be the same as you
How dare you tell me what I am
Is it because I’m not a man

I’ve been privatized

I’m a workin’ girl

Radio pumpin somethin by the boss
Why can’t I be a rock star

I’m a workin’ girl