I wrote a book!


Do you have a dream?  A life-long goal?  Struggling to do what you were put on this earth to do?  Have you given up?  Is it just too hard?  Too many distractions?

Well herein lies a cautionary tale – sort of like what NOT to do – in pursuit of your dream.

Read it and laugh.  And maybe learn.  But mostly, laugh.


Check out this review from Pat Daddona's Songwriting Blog:  

They Made Me Play a Polka reads like a hybrid of stand-up comedy and a playful whodunnit: laugh-out-loud funny but fast-paced and driven by a mix of well-known and unnamed characters populating a world where Grammys are as elusive as (and not unlike) the lottery, and you keep waiting for an answer to the question: Why isn’t Menhart a star? A page-turner, the book invites you to uncover layer after layer of reasons for this stark reality — some her own doing and some the fault of a maniacal music industry that takes no prisoners. 

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