1. Coming Home

From the recording Gypsy Soul

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I am a soldier
For the United States
I done my duty
I done it hard and I done it well
I made a promise
I’m getting’ ready to fulfill
I’m packin’ up
And everyone can tell

I wanna party
Like this town has never seen
So hang up the flags
Hammer in those signs
Take those ribbons down for me

I’m comin’ home

I wanna kiss
My American ground
I wanna kiss
You too, I want the biggest hug you got
I seen a lotta things
I need to forget
I get the feelin’
You missed me a lot

So order up them platters
Get lots of ice cold beer
Organize a parade
Strike up the band
Let me wipe away your tears

I’m comin’ home

I wanna see your face
Right in front of me
I wanna touch your skin
Get back to where we've been
The way it’s supposed to be

I’m comin’ home