From the recording Love Ain't Hard

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Forgotten people live in New York
They live, right next door
Waiting on the phone
Waiting on the letter
They’re all alone
Ain’t gonna get better
They close the door

Forgotten people fought your war
Friends, ain’t friends no more
Dreams in the night
Achin’ in their bones
Haunted by the fight
Wanna be left alone
In their own hell

Love ain’t hard
Love ain’t hard
Look around, look around

Forgotten people can’t find no work
Can’t remember what they’re worth
Used to put on quite a show
Put on a suit
With a fancy little bow
For the long commute
But not no more

Forgotten people forget your name
Your faces, are all the same
Sittin’ in a chair
Waitin’ to go
With a blank stare
But their eyes all aglow
Year after year

Believe what just you can do
It’s easy, it’s true
They’re right next to you

Forgotten people fill their cup
At the friendly local pub
Bottle is a friend
The only one they got
Right til the end
They’ll have one more shot
Night after night

Forgotten people leave a letter
So sure, it won’t get better
Sorry to go
But it’s the only way
I want you to know
Can’t take another day
For the last time

Love ain’t hard
Love ain’t hard
Look around, look around