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zesty roots rock with a pop flair, heavy on the sax

What people are saying about "Love Ain't Hard":

Utilizing a timeless sound centered around Menhart's stormy voice and instantly-fetching, groove-basted songs, 'Love Ain't Hard' is an eight-song blast that should resonate with multiple generations of blues-rock fans.”

The Day

The strengths of "Moving On" rest on Menhart's compelling, powerfully familiar vocals. She's got a Reba vibe mixed with a dash of Stevie Nicks, endearing and lovely. And the song's sax delivery - a virtuoso performance. ”

Indie Shuffle

Sue's vocals are amazing and full of soul... The highlight of the album is the emotion-filled delivery of Can't Feel The Rain. ”

JP's Music Blog

packed with instantly memorable, passionately-played and performed rock, pop and blues songs”

The Day

Menhart and her cohorts bring a titanic level of musicianship, songwriting and downright passion that will keep you craving this, and more, for a very long time.”

Sound Waves Magazine

Love Ain’t Hard is a solid, cantankerous, rocking good time, with a kind of earthy realism mixed in on the moodier numbers.”

Userloseit Songwriting Blog




















Love Ain’t Hard is the Sue Menhart Band’s second full-length album. It’s a collection of roots rock, blues, jazz, soul and pop tunes plus a fun, fun, fun tribute to Brian Wilson. Because who doesn’t love Brian Wilson. Cover photo by Chris Getman, design by Dave Foret. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Walley, Stone Wall Studios, North Stonington, CT. Produced by Sue Menhart.

The Band:

Sue Menhart – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Kevin Clark – drums

Dave Foret – bass

Don Bergeron – lead electric guitars

Don Packer – sax

Tommy Mahfoo – sax (track 5)

Dan Spano – keys

Track Listing:

All of You 4:04 (Sue Menhart)

Here You Are 3:31 (Sue Menhart)

Moving On 4:34 (Sue Menhart, Kevin Clark, Dave Foret, Don Bergeron)

Love Ain’t Hard 5:24 (Sue Menhart)

Can’t Feel The Rain 4:00 (Sue Menhart)

Bet You’ll Be Back 4:15 (Sue Menhart)

Party on the Beach (The Brian Wilson Song) 4:43 (Sue Menhart, Kevin Clark, Dave Foret, Don Bergeron)

Tell Me 5:25 (Sue Menhart)

The Songs:

The album opens with the sizzling “All of You” and eases into the Etta James inspired “Here You Are,” an uplifting love at first sight song. “Moving On” is a tune the band wrote together in tribute to their daughters. The title track is a call to action to remember those who are suffering but who often go unnoticed - the lonely, the military veterans, the addicted, the unemployed, the elderly, the suicidal and the downhearted. “Can’t Feel The Rain” was released as a single in 2015 on the Good Sponge Records label and won a New London Whalie Award for Best Roots Rock Performance. The jazzy “Bet You’ll Be Back" is heavy on the Major Sevenths and you’ll get a chuckle out of all the Brian Wilson lyric references as the band collaborates again with “Party on the Beach.” The bluesy “Tell Me” finalizes the album, with a nice, long fadeout…..



Date Event Location
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Turnpike Cafe Turnpike Cafe, Montville Turnpike Cafe, Montville
 —  — Maugle Sierra Vineyards Maugle Sierra Vineyards, Ledyard Maugle Sierra Vineyards, Ledyard
Sneekers Sneekers, Groton, Connecticut Sneekers, Groton, Connecticut
Pass the Guitar - Westerly  
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Acoustic Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
Private Party  
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Acoustic Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic
 —  — Steak Loft Steak Loft, Mystic Steak Loft, Mystic

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