Happy Almost Spring!

Thank you all for signing up for this VIP / First Alert mailing list for SMB Music Consignments! 
It's our 6-month anniversary!  Yippee! 

We're still having a blast and getting quite a kick out of people embracing this concept, bringing in stuff, buying stuff, and so on!  Our consignment terms remain - 75% to you, 25% to us. 

We are always accepting new items. 

People are looking for: 
Sub cabinets (powered preferred) 
Steel pan drums 
Slingerland drums 
4-track recorders 
Left-handed bass 
Studio Rack equipment 
Spanish/Jazz acoustic guitars 
Tube amps 
Ukuleles including vintage or baritone 
Soprano saxes 
French horns 
Small mixing boards 
Powered speakers 
Wireless mics 

In the past few weeks, the following items arrived: 

Danville Resonator Acoustic Guitar - $350 
Sigma by Martin DT12-4 12-string acoustic guitar - $750 
Marshall Cabinet with HG tubes installed (orig KT tubes included), foot switch, power cord and cover, 50 watts - $670 
Marshall MG412A 120W Cabinet - $375 
Harbinger M120 non-powered speaker 110 watts - $50 
Harbinger APS15 powered speakers, 200 watts, with built-in EQ - $150 apiece 
Acoustic B30 amp, 60 watts - $75 
QSC RMX 850 power amp 270 watts - $125 
Radio Shack MPA-125 power amp 100 watts - $125 
Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic Guitar with hard case - $300 
Drum Dial -$60 
Instrument Case - $20 
Projector Screen 74" x 60" - $75 
Roland KC-500 stereo mix 125 watt keyboard amp - $400 
Crate VC6212 Vintage Club 60 tube amp, 60 watts, dual 12" speakers, onboard effects - $375 
Holy Stain Effect Pedal - $75 
OCD Fulltone Overdrive Pedal - $75 
Ampeg Portaflex Bass Amp and head 100 watts - $350 
Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos Mod Cutway B0311 nylon string acoustic electric guitar with hard case - $800 
DOD Boneshaker Pedal - $50 
DOD Gunslinger Pedal - $50 
Marshall Gov'Nor Plus Pedal - $100 
G1X Zoom Pedal - $50 
Hi-Gain Boost Pedal - $25 
After Burner Pedal - $35 
Alesis V25 Midi Controller - $100 
M-Audio FastTrack PRO Interface - $35 
M-Audio FastTrack Interface - $30 
Cakewalk Sonar Power Studio Interface - $20 
Carlisle Robelli acoustic guitar - $50 
Yamaha MX-88 Piano with weighted keys - includes stand, bench, pedal, manual - $800 
Epiphone with Bulldog Humbuckers and hard case - $350 
Fender Strat with hard case, strap and Elixir strings. '92 American Standard strat body, 2009 Warmoth neck, David Gilmore active EMG pickups - $650 
Eurodesk 24 Channel Mixer with power supply - $175 
ElectroVoice Mixer - $50 
Fender Bullet amp - $75 
Hardigg Rack Case - $125 
Fender Rumble 15 Bass amp - $45 
Fender Squire Bass with soft case and instruction book - $160 
Fender Squire Strat electric guitar with soft case, poster and instruction book - $150 

We have ten crates of vinyl ($5 apiece) and if we don't have what you're looking for, we can usually get it. 

We took in hundreds of old-school cassettes and they are selling so well (for $4) that The Day paper wrote about it!  Check out the article here:  https://www.theday.com/article/20190305/ENT10/190309718 
We also have a bunch of CDs for $4 apiece. 

We also have gift certificates!  We take cash, credit cards and debit cards. 

As a reminder, our hours are: 
Wed-Thurs-Fri 10-5 
Sat-Sun 10-4 
Sometimes on Fridays we close at 4 due to gigs and whatnot. 
In mid-April we will be changing our days open and hours - we'll let you know the deal! 

We are located at: 
89 Plaza Court, Groton, CT (across from Downtown Car Wash, next to Sherwin Williams, in the back.) 

Store phone is 860-405-8724. 

Web sites are: 

We remain, your destination music shop!  Buy here, sell here, in a relaxing, stress-free space. 

Sue & Kevin

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